Picture taken in 2015 at Jobbootcamp training

I am Yannick (Geert) Klomberg, a driven young tropical ecologist with a passion for enhancing the livelihoods of people, whilst promoting nature conservation through community-based conservation.

I grew up with parents whom loved Africa. This resulted in me having an increased fascination about Africa. So I decided I wanted to study something with which I could go abroad. Since another fascination was nature and how everything is related in nature I decided to combine these two. In 2005 I started studying Forest and Nature Management with a specialisation in tropical forestry. In 2008 my dream finally became reality with me going to South Africa to study Nature Conservation (with a strong focus on wildlife) at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. After returning from a year in South Africa I decided to move to a lesser developed country in Africa for my thesis: Tanzania.

After completion of these two studies I decided that a MSc degree would benefit me greatly, so in 2010 I started my study in Forest and Nature Conservation at the Wageningen University. With another opportunity to go abroad I had to make a decision. Will I continue to focus on Africa or broaden my horizons and see what the rest of the world has to offer? I chose the second part which led me to Bolivia.

After my final internship at the State Forestry Service in the Netherlands I received my MSc degree and the jobhunt started. From 01-03-2013 I started working at Naturalis, from which I took a short leave between January and March 2014 to take a voluntary position with Esri in Rwanda. After another period at Naturalis I spend some time in Congo and Cameroon as a consultant. Now I have accepted a position as a PhD-candidate at the Charles University of Prague and have started in June 2016.

My CV can be found completely on LinkedIn or browse my site to find out more about my background or  download it here: CV YG Klomberg online

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