Voluntary work

I am also involved in voluntary work. Below you can find a short summary of my voluntary work. If you want to see my relevant professional experience, please visit the work experience page.

  1. Volunteer/webmaster Dutch Gorilla Foundation (2015 and ongoing)
  2. Board Member/ Treasurer (2014 – 2016) at Stichting Zeeverkenners Canisius (Youth Waterscouting Group)
  3. Staff member (2010 – 2015) at Zeeverkenners Canisius (Waterscouting)
  4. Environmental Education officer (2010 – 2015) at the Jane Goodall Institute Netherlands
  5. Forestry section, Jane Goodall Institute Tanzania (June – December 2009)
  6. Kleinkrantz Child Care Programme, Kleinkrantz, South Africa (2008)
  7. Thembalethu Greening Project, George, South Africa (2008)
  8. Youth Trainer Football and activity organiser at SC Millingen (2005-2008)
  9. Local Children Holiday camp help, Millingen aan de Rijn (2004-2007)


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