Ready to go


the bags are packed and I only still need to buy some “stroopwafels” to hand out to the local staff at the Jane Goodall Institute in Congo. So I am ready for take off. This afternoon I will start my long trip. First from Nijmegen to Schiphol by train continued by a flight to Frankfurt, Addis Abeba and Pointe Noire. In total I will be traveling from this afternoon 15.00 till tomorrow 13.30. In Congo I will directly do my grocery shopping for the field so that we can continue to the Tchimpounga Sanctuary without having to return to Pointe Noire. After only two days in Congo I will already leave for the rainforest and have to live in my tent for the coming two weeks. The plan is that I will be staying in the forest for two weeks at a time. Studying the Mandrills for 14 days continuously and then returning to the sanctuary to rest and eat some fresh foods again. This cycle will continue until I leave the country on the 19th of December.

I am really looking forward to my trip and also a little bit scared for the living conditions in the field (humidity, mosquitos and primitive living). I will try to keep you updated by posting regularly on my site.




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