Working at Naturalis and the dream of Africa

He everyone,

I am already back working at Naturalis for two months now. Being brought back in to finish the digitized collections of the Wageningen Herbarium. Now the end of Wageningen Files is near, but still a lot of work has to be done. Bugs in the software and the Leiden/Amsterdam/Utrecht collections will keep me and my colleagues busy till June next year (when the project ends).

In the mean time I am still trying to achieve my dream of finding a job in Community Based Conservation programs in the Tropics (main focus on Africa). To be better suitable for this I have followed a french course and wish to keep practicing this language in order to gain a working proficiency.
After a short leave at the Zeeverkenners Canisius (Waterscouting group I have been a member of in the past decade) I became active again as a Treasurer for their foundation which maintains the vessels owned by the group. Furthermore, from the new season onwards I will be (together with a friend) guiding a group of  five guys during their year in between being a group member and becoming a staff member.

So I am keeping myself busy, but if anyone knows of nice jobs abroad please keep me informed!






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