Hey everyone,

after returning home from a great trip to Rwanda at the end of March I regained the energy and inspiration needed to continue my jobhunt. Spending several weeks writing/searching/ networking in the end didn’t lead to my dreamjob (yet). So next week I will go back to Naturalis to continue working on the Quality Control of the digitalized Wageningen Herbarium. But in the meantime the jobsearch will continue. In the past few weeks I started a French course at the Radboud University to increase my knowledge of one of the common languages spoken in central/west Africa. So hopefully this will help me in the search of my African dreamjob!

Yesterday Jane Goodall visited the Netherlands again. As a volunteer for the Jane Goodall institute I was present at her lecture at my old University (Wageningen). Everytime I hear her speak she relights the fire in me to pursue my dream of working abroad on conservation and management of natural resources.

So now with even more energy I will continue the search. I will keep you updated.




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