Work with ESRI Rwanda and visit to Akagera

Hey all,

it has been a while since I wrote something. So another update is necessary. In my last post I was mentioning that I was waiting for a confirmation to do an internship at a organisation here. Now I am already busy for 2.5 weeks with ESRI Rwanda. ESRI is the developer of the ArcGIS software which I used during my studies. The work I am doing here is not related to my field of study, but I do get a good view of the use of GIS in a developmental context. I am involved in the organisation of a training where we teach district and sector personnel to create maps and update excel sheets to show Tax being paid in the districts in Kigali. It is nice to work again with GIS software and it is also a good exercise to make the training material and give parts of the training to the Rwandans. I would love to use GIS in my future jobs, so hopefully I can find something where I can apply my knowledge. The use of software like GIS will become very important in international Conservation efforts, so I am sure that this experience will help in making me more suitable for future jobs in the Conservation field!

Explaining GIS Symbology
Explaining GIS Symbology

Besides the work I have also traveled in the weekends. After a successful stay at Lake Muhazi I still had two wishes. Going to Akagera NP to see wildlife and going to Kibuye for another visit to the Kivu Lake. Last week we rented a car and went on Saturday to Akagera. First we drove to the Tanzanian border to see the Falls which act as a border between Tanzania and Rwanda. After handing our driver licenses to the Border personnel we were allowed to enter the bridge and make some pictures of the falls. We quickly walked over to the Tanzanian side, so I can say I have been in Tanzania again…

After the visit we went up north to the Akagera park. Doing a small game drive before going to our hotel to have a swim. On the first day we already saw Impala, Giraffe, Buffalo and Zebra. The second day we started driving early to see some more wildlife. After a long day of traveling in our 4×4 we saw a lot of wildlife, only it was a pity that we did not see elephants. The drive in the park was already a great experience. In South Africa a lot of the roads were tarred and didn’t gave me a real wildlife spotting experience. Here we were driving on dirt roads which were especially up in the hills of very bad quality. So the drive was already an off-road experience. Together with the wildlife we were seeing it was an unforgettable experience.

Today we are finalizing the training to the Tax inspectors. Then tomorrow we will go to Kibuye to be a real tourist. Next 1.5 week I will still be working with ESRI Rwanda, however I do not know what I will be doing there. I will work till 12-03 and in the night of 13 to 14 march I will fly back to the Netherlands. But there might be possibilities to return later this year, but more about that later.

So now I have written enough again. I will probably write another blog before I leave.



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