Another update from Rwanda

Hello everyone,

Another two weeks have passed and I am still in Rwanda keeping myself busy. In the past period two noteworthy events happened.
As I already said I was going to hike up the Bisoke. In the end I managed to reach the top, but together with my other mountainclimbing experiences (E.g. In Swaziland with Jordi and Bas hiking up to Devil’s peak if I remember correctly) I must say that I prefer hiking the flat parts of the Netherlands. Especially my knees took quite a beating during the hike up and down the Bisoke. However, the views and the crater-Lake made everything worth it!

The weekend afterwards we where invited to go to Lake Muhazi. This lake is an hour drive from Kigali along dirt roads. But it was definitively worth it. We where staying with somebody of the Salesiens don Bosco at their guesthouse. A lovely place next to the lake with a pedalboat (waterfiets) at our disposal. We had someone cooking for us, so the only things we did were going on the lake with the pedalboat and swim (due to Bilharzia danger it was better to not swim along the shore), walk along the shore and visit the projects of the Salesiens there. All in all a fantastic weekend away!

Now I am waiting for the confirmation of my work at two organisations here in Kigali. So let’s hope I can start this week.



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