Second week of my holiday in Rwanda

Heya everyone,

Another small update from me:

After spending two days in Kigali it was time to move on and enjoy (hopefully) last week of holidays in Gisenyi and Musanze. Saying hopefully must sound strange to everyone, but I am really looking forward to the visits to conservation organisations here in Rwanda. I hope there is a organisation which allows me to get a better understanding of conservation work in Rwanda.

Looking at the landscape of Rwanda still a lot can be done to improve it nature-wise. Especially the massive use of an exotic species for fuelwood and timber purposes (Eucalyptus) will eventually lead to big problems due to the acidity of the leaves, transforming the soil into a habitat where only this exotic species can thrive. In Tanzania the Jane Goodall institute was already busy with replacing the eucalyptus with fast-growing native species which do not affect the soil quality that much. I hope I find organisations here whom are also battling this problem and maybe I can help with my experiences from University and Tanzania.

Now I am in Gisenyi enjoying the beach and tourist life. Tomorrow I will be heading off to Musanze to climb one of the Vulcanoes there together with my father. On sunday we will return to Kigali. My father had to work on monday and I have a meeting with someone working with the BTC on reforestation.

Many greetings,


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