First week in Rwanda

Hey everyone,

During the past week I have written something about my experiences. Hope you enjoy reading what I am up to here:

Day 1: 19-01
After arriving in the night and being picked up at the airport by my father we went to the place I can call home for the coming months. Obviously we needed to drink a beer to celebrate my arrival. The sunday I was invited for a brunch at the house of my father’s boss. Afterwards we went to explore Kigali. Going to the “centre” of town and getting a Rwandan number (+250 0783101086).
Now I am planning the rest of my stay here. Going to lunch with conservationists here, visiting the Nyungwe forest, Lake Kivu etc.

Day 4: 22-01
The last few days I have been wandering around Kigali. This fine wednesday we were heading to Huye (Butare), where we visited a GIZ workshop, the national ethnographic museum and the grave of my father’s uncle ( a missionary here in Rwanda untill 1993). After this visit we continued the journey to Nyamagabe. Here we are spending the rest of the week with a GIZ colleague of Alphons.

Day 5: 23-01
Today my plan was to go and visit the Nyungwe forest by public transport. After waiting 45 minutes I finally got onto a minibus heading in the right direction. I managed to miss the spot I was initially planning to get off the bus, but in the end they dropped me off in a better place than planned: the park touristic headquarters. There I got a guided walk through the forest and also went over the canopy bridge. I really enjoyed hiking the forest, enjoying the views and the magnificent flora. However on the fauna part my trip lacked supremacy. Only seeing one L’Hoest’s monkey and a lot of birds which were too fast for my eyes to have a good look. Afterwards I needed to get back to Nyamagabe, this meant sitting by the roadside waiting for the first minibus with space left to pass by. I was very lucky, since within 5-10 minutes a bus came by with only one seat left. Overall, a fantastic trip.

Now I am enjoying the quiet life in Nyamagabe! Coming week I will travel up north to Ruhondo and afterwards to Gisenyi for a stay at the Kivu Lake.

Greetings Yannick

P.s. Here I present you the view from the house in Nyamagabe:



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